Όταν σχηματίζονται διαμάντια, βαθιά υπόγεια και υπό ακραία πίεση και θερμότητα, μπορούν να σχηματιστούν ατέλειες στην κρυσταλλική δομή και οι ορυκτές ακαθαρσίες να παγιδευτούν μέσα στην πέτρα.
Το μέγεθος αυτών των ακαθαρσιών και ατελειών καθορίζει τη διαβάθμιση διαύγειας ενός διαμαντιού. Διαμάντια χωρίς τέτοιες ακαθαρσίες είναι πολύ σπάνια.

Η κλίμακα βαθμολόγησης ξεκινάει από το Flawless / Internally Flawless (FL / IF), Πολύ ελαφρώς (VVS1 / VVS2), πολύ ελαφρώς (VS1 / VS2), ελαφρά συμπεριλαμβανόμενο (SI1 / SI2) .  Τα διαμάντια δεν πωλούν διαμάντια κάτω από το SI2 καθώς δεν θεωρούνται κατάλληλα για κοσμήματα. Γενικά, τα διαμάντια κάτω από μια ταξινόμηση VS2 είναι πιθανό να έχουν ορατά εγκλείσματα με γυμνό μάτι, ωστόσο αυτό είναι σε πέτρα από πέτρα βάση.

Clarity scale

Clarity refers to how clean or clear the diamond is with respect to natural microscopic characteristics that were trapped within or on the diamond while it was forming. Internal characteristics are known as inclusions, and characteristics on the surface of the gem are known as blemishes. Inclusions may be crystals of a foreign material or structural imperfections such as tiny cracks, known as feathers, which can appear whitish or cloudy.

Often times the inclusions are microscopic diamonds that were absorbed by the larger crystal before the diamond was carried to the surface of the Earth. The quantity, size, color, location, orientation, and visibility of inclusions all affect the final clarity grade of a diamond. Diamonds with no or few inclusions are considered particularly rare and highly valued.

Clarity chart

When gemologists inspect diamonds for clarity, they use a maximum of 10x magnification and only judge the diamond face up. If an inclusion is not visible when the diamond is viewed from the top, then it cannot be used in determining the clarity grade. Gemologists use microscopes and loupes (small handheld magnifying lenses) to determine the size, type, and position of the inclusions.

Experienced graders use 10X magnification to identify the various clarity characteristics, and to map their location on “diamond plots.” These plots are like small maps for each individual diamond, and are used to identify each individual stone. No two diamonds will ever have the same internal pattern, and the plots work as a form of individual identification, much like a fingerprint.

fl Flawless
if internally flawless
very very slightly included
very slightly included
slightly included
(not carried by Brilliant Earth)

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